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Richard Schmidt Jewelry - In The Press

Richard's work has been featured in local and national publications,

highlighting the unique artistic qualities of his craftsmanship and design.

What they're saying about Richard Schmidt Jewelry Design

SOULFUL CREATIONS: "In the historic town of La Grange, jewelry designer and forth-generation Texan Richard Schmidt handcrafts each culturally-inspired work of art in his studio on the square near the Colorado River.  Made with silver, gold, and gemstones, his work features soulful themes." 

- Kathleen Fritsche, Cowboys & Indians


LOVE IT! SPECTACULAR JEWELRY: "Richard's designs are classic in the same stunning fashion as the antique Native American jewelry that is so revered.  Like the classics, Schmidt's jewelry will be a collectible among those of us who admire hand-crafted, Western-inspired, jaw-dropping jewelry designs." 

- Fancy, Cactus Creek Daily


SOULFUL DESIGNS IN SILVER AND GOLD:  "The best way to describe his jewelry is 'Jewelry with Soul.' He often incorporates crosses, sacred hearts, and images of the Virgin Mary in his designs.  Each piece is hand-crafted by the artist himself, mixing rugged turquoise with the brilliance of gemstones, hammered sterling silver and yellow gold." 

- Suzy Kirchberg, Show Daily


THE NEXT HOT THING:  "Richard Schmidt Jewelry Design takes my breath away!  These folks make quality jewelry with creative combinations of metals and precious stones.  The result is a line of western jewelry that will be the next hot thing." 

- Women Out West Magazine

GOD, TEXAS, FAMILY: "To wear jewelry by Richard Schmidt is to wear a little bit of the history and personal experience of the jewelry designer's life. Schmidt's work stands out, summoning a unique balance between strong iconic images and subtle textures."

-Jackie Benton, Austin-San Antonio Urban Home 

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